Nature of News

Journalist decide what news to cover based on many of the following news values.
1. Timeliness
2. Impact
3. Proximity
4. Controversy
5. Prominence
6. Currency
7. Oddity
• For a weekly magazine the news anything happened since the previous edition the week before may be considered timely. E.g. Junior Vikatan
• For 24 hours cable news channel the timeliest news may be breaking news or something that is happening this very minute and can be covered by a reporter live at the scene.
• Contamination in the water – that serves 20,000 people has impact because it affects.
• 10 Children died in an accident has an impact
• Did something happen clost ot home, or did it involve people form here?
• Eg: Uttrakhand Disaster, Pilgrims return to Chennai
• Are people in disagreement about this? – news
• Human nature to be interested in stories that have conflict, tension, or public debate.
• Is a well know person involved?
• Ordinary activities or mishaps can become news if they involve a prominent person like a prime minister or film star.
• Eg: Salman khan black buck, Empee distiller son car accident, Former railway minister, T20
• Are people here talking about this?
• Eg : A governemt meeting about bus safety might not draw much attention, unless it happens to be scheduled soon after a terrible accident.
• Cricket controversy
• Is what happened unusual?
• Eg: If a dog bites a man that is not news, but if a man bites a dog its news!.
• The extraordinary and the unexpected appeal to our natural human curiosity