Paleolithic Age

Paleolithic Age

The earliest preserved art objects date to around 30,000 bce, during the Old Stone Age or Paleolithic period (from the Greek paleo, “old,” and lithos, “stone”).

Paleolithic artworks are of an astonishing variety. They range from simple shell necklaces to human and animal forms in ivory, clay, and stone to monumental paintings, engravings, and relief sculptures covering the huge wall surfaces of caves.

 Venus of Willendorf :  One of the oldest sculptures discovered to till date, carved  using simple stone tools, is the tiny limestone figurine (decorative object)  of a woman nicknamed the Venus of  Willendorf founded in Austria .

In Paleolithic representations of animals were found in sculptures and paintings.An early example of animal sculpture is the pair of clay bison reliefs in Le Tuc d’Audoubert  of France.


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