Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC)

• The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) of India is a non – profit circulation-auditing organization. It certifies and audits the circulations of major publications, including newspapers and magazines in India
• The ABC founded in 1948 is voluntary organization consisting of Publishers, Advertisers and Advertising Agencies.
• ABC certificates of circulation have been availed by advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers and organizations connected with print media advertising.

• The Publisher should be a Member of Indian Newspaper Society (INS) and the Publications should be registered with Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI).
• Publisher members must maintain essential books and records to facilitate a proper ABC audit and also appoint an independent firm of Chartered Accountants from amongst the approved panel of auditors named by ABC
• The main function of ABC is to evolve, lay down a standard and uniform procedure by which a member publisher shall compute its net paid sales.
• The circulation figure so arrived at is checked and certified by a firm of Chartered Accountants which are approved by the Bureau.
• The Bureau issues ABC certificates every six months to those publishers whose circulation figures confirm to the rules and regulations as set out by the Bureau.
• ABC’s membership today includes 411 Publishers of national and regional importance,
• 151 Advertising Agencies,
• 51 Advertisers & 20 New Agencies and Associations connected with print media and advertising. It covers most of the major towns in India.
• Facts and figures which are checked and certified by an independent body is a very important tool in the hands of the advertising business community
• The details of ABC certified circulation figures are available online to all Members of the Bureau ( at no extra cost.
• An Advertiser would like to know the facts and figures before investing his money in advertising. An Advertiser ought to know how many people buy a publication and in which area. The ABC gives all these vital facts every six months.