International News Agency

Agence France Presse (AFP)
Started in 1835by French government – (Autonomous)
It has more than 10,000 newspapers,70 agencies as it subscribers
It is operated in 150 countries.
Associated Press (AP)
Started by Samuel E.B.Morse in 1844,Who invented the telegraph.
• AP with its wide communications network advanced technology more than 100 countries.
• 5000 plus correspondents, 1300 newsparers, 3400 broadcasters in the US
• 1000 Private subscribers.
• The news agency takes its name after its Founder Paul Julius Reuter.
• Around 1850 he set up a carrier pigeon service.
• His first breakthrough came in 1859 when he sent a dispatch for shadowing a war in Italy.
• Reuters supplies news to its media clients such as other news agencies, newspapers.
United Press International (UPI)
• Edward Willis Scripps formed the United Press Association in 1907.
• In 1907, Scripps merged his united Press Association with the PPA to for United Press Association.
• Telegrafnoi Agentsvo Sovetskaov Soyusa (TASS) was founded in 1917
• TASS has 20,000 subscribers both domestic and foreign.
• Later it is reformed as Information Telegraph Agency of Russia ITAR
• Full Form of Pan African News Agency.
• It covers the news of African Continent
• OANA covers the news the news of the Asia-Pacific Region
• Chinese News Agency


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