Graphic design as profession

Designers solve a wide range of communication problems, collaborating with a variety
of clients—from a not-for-profit organization attempting to reach families in need, to a
brand promoting a new product, to a corporation that wants to go green, to a revitalized
city’s transportation secretary who needs a way finding system.
The following list is an attempt to be as encompassing as possible in keeping with standard thinking.

a poster can promote an event; it can explain how to save someone who is choking;
or it can communicate the voice of dissent.
In addition, some people categorize visual communication according to media—for instance,
interactive design, which certainly can be utilized for a variety of goals, including promotion,
information, editorial, entertainment, or presentation. If you keep communication goals
in mind, it will aid your understanding of how applications are utilized.

Identity Design
Corporate Communication
Environmental Design
Information Design
Interactive Design or Experience Design
Motion Graphics
Package Design
Promotional Design
Publication Design
Typographic Design


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