Graphic Design

Unit 1:

Definition and purpose of Graphic Design,

Graphic design profession,

The nature and impact of visual communication in Graphic Design,

Career in the field,

related ethics.
Unit 2:

Formal elements : Line, Shape, Figure/Ground, Color, Color Nomenclature, Primary color, Technical considerations, Texture.

Principles of Design: Format, Balance, Visual Hierarchy, Emphasis, Rhythm, unity, Laws of perceptual organization
Unit 3:

Typography: Classification of type,

designing with type,


Mixing typefaces,

Type as solution.

Composition: Type driven, image driven and visual – verbal synergy.

Three A’s – Action, arrangement, and articulation.
Unit 4:

Creativity and the graphic design process,

creative thinking,

conceptual thinking,

problem solving: The Kipling questions.

Five phases of the graphic design process.

Visualizations, signs and symbols.

Types of images and image making.

Integrating type and visuals.
Unit 5:

Graphic Applications –



Publication Design – Covers and interiors,


Visual identity,

Package design,



Web design.


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