New Media


SEMESTER: VI                                                                                                             CREDIT: 6

CATEGORY:  MS                                                                                NO.OF HOURS/WEEK: 5

CORE –: NEW MEDIA                                                                   Subject code: MM6601


To illustrate on how digital content created through different tools can be imported into new media environment and linked to be part of new media delivery.

Unit – I: Mobile Appsdevelopment of apps on Android , IOS, Symbian operating systems – Windows Touch apps

Unit – II: Virtual Reality– Virtual sets – Application and uses of Virtual reality in day to day life

Unit – III: Augmented Reality – Immersive – Location based – Aided Learning.

Unit – IV: Flash to HTML 5 Conversion – Building information Management.

Unit – V: 3D Bio Printing – Conversion of 3D objects from digital to real life models.


Course will be supported with case studies and example to illustrate digital content migration to new media and its challenges and tips and tricks to make it effective and appealing.


1. Bill phillips, (2013), ” Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide”

2. Ray wenderlich, Mike Berg, Tom Bradely, Mike Daley,(2014) ” iOS games by tutorials:Second Edition: Beginning 2D iOS Game Development with Swift”

3. Jens Grubert, Raphael Grasser, (2013), ” Augmented Reality for Android Application Development”

4. Tony Parisi,(2015),” Learning Virtual Reality: Developing Immersive Experiences and Applications for Desktop, Web and Mobile